International Garden Photographer of the Year

The beauty of nature captured in a picture. All over the world people love to photograph flowers, gardens and animals and share it on social media. Did you know that with these photos you could participate in the  worlds largest competition and exhibition about garden, plants, flowers and botanic photography? Maybe you should try to become the International Garden Photographer of the Year in 2017.

Lesley Chalmers Photography
Yucca in New Mexico USA, Photo by Lesley Chalmers, 1st place in ‘Beauty of Plants’

Winning photographer 2016

The 2016 winners of the 9th competion were picked in February 2016. Photographers could pick 8 different subjects like plants, gardens, animals in the garden, landscape and city green. Every year one photo will be chosen as overall winner. Richard Bloom was overall winner with his photo ‘Tekapo Lupins’.

Mass of naturalised Lupins along a river bank near Tekapo, Canterbury, New Zealand in summer, photo by Richard Bloom, overall winner.

International shows IGPOTY

All the photos together make a beautiful exhibition which is rolled out in different countries such as England, Scotland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, Cyprus, Portugal, Poland and Australia. Look for the full programm at

In The Netherlands the photos will be on show at the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam until 19 September.

You Lookin’ at Me? Photo by Nicola Munro, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK. First place in ‘Wildlife in the Garden’


Did you know that everybody can participate in this competition? From March to 31st October there are new competitions. When sending in a photo you must pay a small fee to apply. There is also a competition for kids under 16 years. My daughter Josephine might sent in one of the garden/flower photos of our summer trip to Japan. This vacation will be the first with her own camera.


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