Green hotspot Paris: Fleuriste en Herbe

dreamstime_s_56048016I used to stroll the streets of Paris every autumn with my mother. We stayed in hotel Récamier, just around the corner of the beautiful Jardin du Luxembourg. We visited museums, did a lot of shopping, went to fashion shows and had dinner in one of the many Parisian restaurants. Unfortunately my mother passed away 20 years ago, but it’s time to pick up this tradition again with my 7-year old daughter Josephine. She loves flowers as much as I do.

Rambert Rigaud in his flower boutique. Photo in Vogue by Evan Sung

We would definitely stop at the green hotspot Fleuriste en Herbe. The owner, Rambert Rigaud decided to follow his dream at age 40, quit his job of being a studio director at the ateliers of Yves Saint Laurent and Dior and started his own flower boutique. When entering his store it must feel like entering a home. Fresh flowers, antiques and music in the background. With his creativity he makes stunning flower designs for fashion shows and I am sure he knows how to make a great bouquet. You can find his shop in the prestigious 7th arrondissement, on a charming Saint-Germain corner in Paris.

tumblr_inline_nm1d0acln51ruvy6l_500Interviews with Rambert Rigaud

  • Designer Isabel Marant described Rambert Rigaud as her favorite Parisian florist in Vogue.
  • Emily Holt (Vogue) also published an article on him when he first started in 2013, read more.
  • Also a lovely insight in the weekly wardrobe of Rambert Rigaud in Mr Porter.
  • Libby Banks of the New York Times writes about Fashion Florists.

Fleuriste en Herbe ~ 2 Rue de L’Université ~ Paris ~ France

Green hot spots worldwide

For my blog I am looking for green hotspots worldwide. Would you like to share your favorite green hotspot with me? Through my international readers I would like to find out where they go for green inspiration. I hope to hear from you. You can mail me or respond to this blog.

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  1. Interesting topic, I’d love to read about more hotspots. I love what they’re doing to some high apartment buildings in Asia, with all that greenery on the balconies. And as for Paris, I’m actually going there next weekend and your post has me wondering which flower shop this one is exactly… 😉

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    1. Sounds very interesting to write about the rooftopgardens and green balconies in Asia. Have you been there? If you are going to Paris, you should go see this flower shop. The address is 2 Rue de l’Université. Perhaps you can sent me a photo of what it looks like this season? Enjoy lovely Paris.

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      1. I have an image in my head of where that is, let’s see! 🙂 I haven’t seen those rooftop gardens myself, my trips to Asia were always so hurried. I’ve just read articles online. Maybe someone else can tell us more!


  2. Hello Saskia, I have noticed that you are following an old travel Blog of mine. You would probably be more interested in Flowers~Blumen~Fleurs. I just loved walking the streets of Paris and taking in the wonderful Florist shops and also the amazing Patisseries. Shirley

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    1. Hi Shirley, you are right, I have read your blog about Russia, which was very interesting too. I am glad you pointed out to your Flower blog, wow it’s amazing. I am still reading it, you have really posted a lot. I guess you travel a lot too? I have been to many French gardens in the past that you are writing about, so much fun to see them in your stories and pictures. I really enjoy it! Keep posting and sharing ;-). So great that we got connected.


  3. Wat mooi om zo’n traditie weer op te pakken met je dochter. Een groene hotspot die ik graag zou willen bezoeken is de High Line in New York, dichterbij heb je natuurlijk Wildernis in Amsterdam. Die heb ik al op heel wat blogs gezien, ben jij er al geweest?

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    1. Dag Pauline, de High Line is fantastisch! Bij Wildernis ben ik nog niet geweest, maar zal ik op mijn lijst zetten voor volgend jaar. Bedankt voor jouw reactie!


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