Van Gogh Museum gives away 125.000 sunflowers

This weekend the Museumsquare in Amsterdam was filled with 125.000 sunflowers to marque the opening of the new entrance building of the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam.


I was here last week at the opening party for (ex)employees. We danced the night away on the new floor, what used to be the pond. I was working there when the exhibition wing was added to the museum in 1999. Now a new era starts. The architect did a perfect job in changing the exhibition wing into the new entrance building. The Stedelijk Museum, Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum now  all have their entrance at the Museumsquare. My old office building is turned into the ticket office. I need to get used to the new flow, but it will be so much better for the millions of people visiting the museum.

The exhibition wing (the grey building at the left) was designed by Kisho Kurokawa. The new glas building added to it is designed by architect Hans van Heeswijck. This is the new entrance to the famous Van Gogh Museum.

006 007

Today I took the family with me to Amsterdam. Show the kids where my work used to be.

Sunday afternoon between 4 and 6 pm all the sunflowers were given away to the public. Watch the video made by Marc van Voorst about the VanGoghLabyrinth and see where the sunflowers went at the end of the event. Enjoy!

Impression of today

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