Flowers connect Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Thursdaynight I was invited for the opening of the new entrance building of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. I have worked for this museum for over 10 years. It was an honour to be invited to this special event. Next week in my blog more about the new entrance of the Van Gogh Museum and the 125.000 sunflowers surrounding the museum this week.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

IMG_3038Before going to the opening party, I visited the Stedelijk Museum. This is a great place to meet, drink or eat something at the restaurant or buy books at the shop. I bought a book about Karl Blossfeldt from which I recently got a piece of art (given by my dear aunt). The Stedelijk Museum has a few of his works too.

The museum has been closed for a long time, but after the renovation it came back as a modern institution not to be missed while in Amsterdam. The new building added to the old museum is called the ‘bathtub’. The way the old and new building integrate is so interesting. The white interrior is found in both buildings and they found an other great way to connect both buildings.

Tapestry connecting the old & new building

Tapestry Damask by Petra Blaisse, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Tapestry Damask by Petra Blaisse, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Connected by art – connected by flowers. A huge tapestry with black and white flowers hanging on the wall draws a thematic and physical connection between the historic and the new buildings. The design integrates the old floor plans of the museum and the cross sections of the new wing, hinting at the layout – and foundations – of the old building and the rooms beyond the wall hanging.

Flower of Angelica

The flower of Angelica, a biennal umbelliferous plant, appears throughout the tapestry. Angelica grows wild in the Netherlands, and symbolizes the boggy meadows that once excisted on this site, before the Stedelijk Museum was built. The motif also refers to the Dutch tradition of damask weaving, which often featured floral patterns.

Artis Petra Blaisse

The artist Petra Blaisse (born 1955 in London, UK) is a British designer. She studied at Art School in London and in Groningen. Her work is an intersection of the professions of Architecture, Interior Architecture, Textile Design and Urban Architecture.

Inside Outside

In 1991, Blaisse founded the Amsterdam based studio Inside Outside. With a team of about ten members, the office constitutes part of large-scale projects as, for example, Kunsthal Rotterdam (1994), Prada Epicenter New York (2001), H-Project Seoul (2004), Casa da musica Porto (2005), Mercedes Benz Museum Stuttgart (2006), Prison Gardens Belgium (2010) and the Dutch Pavilion of the Architecture Biennale Venice (2012). For a number of projects Blaisse collaborated with architects and designers, including Rem Koolhaas and Irma Boom.

Museum of Modern Art and Design


The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam is the most important museum of modern and contemporary art and design in The Netherlands. A visit to the Stedelijk takes you on a historical journey through the last 150 years of art.

Museumplein ticket: one-ticket acces to Amsterdam

Staircase in old building Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

With the Museumplein ticket you get fast-lane entrance into the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and Van Gogh Museum, as well as a free-of-choice concert in The Royal Concertgebouw, including concerts by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. The Museumplein ticket is an ideal solution for anyone who is in Amsterdam for a short stay, but wishes to experience everything the Museumplein has to offer. Slow queues can be avoided and a number of tickets are kept available for all concerts, including those that are sold out.

The Museumplein ticket costs € 90,- and can be bought in most of the five-star hotels in Amsterdam, The Concertgebouw’s box office and the Museumplein Pavilion.

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