Say it with flowers: Happy Mothersday 

My daughter shares the same passion for flowers as me. We took a few days off and we are staying in the North East part of the Netherlands, in the province Drenthe. My father in law lives here.

To my surprise I found some fields of tulips here too. They even grow aspergus (normally you have to travel South to Limburg to find those fresh in the fields).

There is enough to explore around here, but today we were visiting grandpa and he has a big garden full of flowers.

Who wouldn’t be excited with a pair of garden scissors and the message: get every flower you want! This was the result! A happy daughter and a happy mother. Life is precious and beautiful! Happy Mothers Day!


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  1. saroberts041 says:

    Hello Saskia … I have just started following your Blog and thank you for following mine. We certainly both have a love of flowers and it is great to see that your daughter has inherited that love from you. Shirley


    1. Hello Shirley, I love this way of meeting new people with the same interests online. Looking forward to read your posts about flowers! Saskia


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